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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Incident of 17 of July - Numbness of my head and face

During a very happy situation after school in this friday, few of us are keep laughing in the staff room. Because I need to teach tuition in Seberang, so I have to go back earlier. That time I felt my face and head in the left side have the feeling of numbness. I ignored it because it's not a big problem.

After taught tuition in Seberang, I went home. I was keeping online and watching television (Astro On Demand) till 7 something. After I feeded the dogs, I went out to have dinner with friends. That time I felt the numbness on my left side face and head again.

I went to consult doctor in a clinic, he told me that my muscles of left side head and face are stiff. But I afraid that I will get stroke. Then, I went to Bagan Specialists to make a check up. The doctor had said nothing and ask me to admit in hospital, but I don't want.

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