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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lack of Humanity the people recently

The kids and the people around the world is lack of humanity lately.

The public people
- who took my stuffs with I just bought yesterday which I left in the cinema.
- please don't take anything is not your belongings. Moral Education of Malaysia is failed proven.

The kids
- like to talk nonsense, such as "Hamik"(hokkien), "kanasai"(hokkien).
- like to make their teachers mad at them.
- don't like to greet their teachers.
- please be polite to all of your friends and your teachers. Moral Education of Malaysia is failed proven once more.

P/S to government: please make sure the Moral Education is undergoing the correct position. Or change your education policy. Just refer to some countries, such as Finland, Australia and New Zealand which are going good and well in education!

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