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Saturday, September 27, 2008


他去了几天的课程,使我们工作的地方充满了从前的朝气。他的来临让我们这一个原本充满无比快乐的办公室变得异常的宁静,不时的欢笑声也还是有的,不过已经大大的减少了。可是,这三天的办公室的欢笑声犹如他还没来临般,就是特别兴奋。可能就是他所说到的“Comfort Zone”吧!



He went to course for few days and made my working place full with the joy as before he came. These 3 days, we were very happy, maybe it's what he mentioned before, "Comfort Zone".

After he came, made us lack of joyful, but we were still the same to be happy although working hard. For example, we were happy while stappled our question papers together, entertained ourselves while working.

Yesterday was Children's Day of my school, I became the bad guy first time. I asked my pupils to do some homeworks. This is because their learning attitude largely disappointed me, so I punished them.

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