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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New HM, New Leader

The former PM, Tun Abdullah finally stepped down from the position of Prime Minister. Since he stepped down, I had been asked for stepped down too from the leader of my school staffs. I was the President of Teachers' Club in my school since 2005.

He - the new HM who shifted from other school last year wanted me to step down this year as the leader. He did not believe me with the small small amount of money? Or he did not like me to act as a leader in our school? What's his intention to do it?

The Teachers' Club is an informal club which formed by our staffs to have a commitment with each others. For examples, any beloved of our staffs pass away or any new born, our club will have some appreciations to them. This is the only purpose to form the club. Now, the HM(he) wanted to cross over his powerful onto this club. What's his intention to do it too?

Someone asked to dissolve the appearance of the club since he wanted to cross over his powerful on the informal club. What was his action? WHY DO YOU WANT TO DISSOLVE IT? WHAT REASON YOU MADE THE DECISION? I really wanted to tell him the reason - HE CROSSED OVER HIS POWERFUL AND MADE US FEEL UNSATISFIED.

I stepped down officially to other colleague. With thank, I feel glad that you're volunteer to be the next president to face the BOARD of DIRECTORS of my LITTLE TINY SCHOOL which they felt they look like a LARGE ASSOCIATION or a LARGE CORPORATION COMPANY.

Education is not only in your school, dude~!

1 comment:

Scentia said...

Any work place is the same.
Politics are everywhere.

There were huge things happened in my work place as well. I don't even know whether everyone came to work or to make drama.

But it's fun though.
Just take everything easy lah.