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Friday, April 23, 2010


I am flashing a S.O.S. signal. To my beloved God and my beloved friends, please tell me the solution to teach my students well in sentences making and simple essays.

I tried my best to teach them, or can say so I was the quantities teacher. Because I gave them many practices about the essays writing and the sentences making. Why do they still can't get the important point to score? They still like to copy from each other, until I can't read their sentences, until I am going to burn their books!

I am so frustrated because I failed to improve them. I felt so sorry to myself and my beloved God. Tomorrow I am going to start my work again, to re-build them the confidence to write the sentences nicely. Just some simple sentences like menggoreng ikan, they also can't make it.

I hope you will be success in the last 5 months time. May God Bless You!


El said...

hmm... students like to copy paste then gor try to think some way to let them dun copy paste ba~
like event or something~

georgefrlee said...

STUDENTS need S.O.S. !