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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fish Spa

I had tried fish spa. It's feel itchy and what we called in BM is "geli". When you put your legs into the water, the fishes will bite the dead skin which appeared on our feet. I had spent around RM18 for half an hour. That's worth, because the feeling is very nice after the fish spa there. By the way, we need to try any new things, we need to explore more experiences for ourselves in our life still going on. After this way, we won't be regret when we go to the heaven or hell.


1 comment:

Kings said...

Hmm... why let the small fishes bit off your dead skins on your legs? Why not let them bite off all your dead skins on your body? You can soak yourself in the water and let these little fished to nibble all over your body. I am sure the feeling is good and "geli" like you said. Just feel like someone giving you little kisses all over your body. Am I right? I have not tried the fish spa. Next time, we go together and let the little fishes to give us love bites, ok?