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Sunday, July 13, 2008


I: You really don't want a lover?
C: I don't want.
I: Why?
C: I don't want.

Then I asked him, you don't want a people can share your happiness or sadness together with? You don't want a people can company you during your free times? Love is miracle. It is complicated. When you want it, it may not going to find you. When you feel you don't want it, it maybe surrounded you. As what my friend told me last few days, he believed on faith right now. This is because last few months he never has a single lover or someone want to be with him. But in this couple weeks, there are people are surrounding him. I do believe it too!

Love is a miracle. Love can make you happier or can make you sad sometimes. We need to control it. We have to love someone faithfully, we will just have happiness. If we are not really love someone, we will be sad all the time.

Sorry, I was typing the nonsenses here. :P

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Kings said...

Many people confused love with lust. True love is about wanting to spend the rest of your life with him. Lust, however, usually does not last forver. When the magic of sex or look is gone, the boredom sets in and the relationship is gone!! Many people do not understand that the excitement of knowing someone for the first time or falling in love at the beginning stage does not last forever. It is like a bottle of champagne when it was first opened and you will find many bubbles rising to the top. However these fizzling and bubbles do not last forever. Usually when the bubbles stopped, the magic of love stopped too. This is a very immature love. You must be able to tell yourself as to why you love the person. It has to be very factual and meaningful reasons and not just reasons like, I find him cute, or I like his body or he is good. It is the internal beauty that is everlasting and not external beauty. However, there are many people who do not know as to why they love his other half. That means they have not fully known his partner. It takes 2 hands to clap and when a relationship fails and one of them walks out on you, do not feel sad and blame yourself for the failure. It could be the other party's immature understanding about you. But most importantly, you have experienced a life's lesson and then you move on in life. Hopefully, Heaven finds that it is time that you should fall in love and your destined lover has come. Meanwhile, we walk the journey in love just trying and thinking that he is the one for me for life without really confident that he is. So, anymore questions on LOVE??