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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Broken Heart

I met my ex-lover just now. She is very good, she is in a new relationship with a Singaporean. I am happy to see her. I am still unhappy with what did she mentioned about her love life after our relationship. I done nothing wrong in the relationship. She is the one who betrayed me at first to have a new relationship with another Singaporean. This new relationship is 3rd relationship after she broke up with me. Love is nothing and painful sometimes.

Love is just a game.When it's over, you might restart another miracle. Although we know love is hurt, but love is still full of joy sometimes. I chose to hibernate sometimes. Hibernation might be can cure the hurt of love.


lORiNCE LH SYAh said...

So sorry about your ex-lover.. Just keep the heart broken ok? I'm sure there will be a perfect opportunity for you to recover the missing pieces of the lost portion.

Anonymous said...

oh issit? When did u met ur Ex? how many ex do you have actually?! Have you ever betrayed anyone bfore? think b4 you say u were unhappy with her having a new bf.