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Monday, October 6, 2008

What the!!!@@@??

I really don't know what happened to me once again? It's really terrible when I found my car had been crashed when I want to start my car to eat my dinner. I really disappointed with the people which crashed my car. I also don't know when it happened. When I rethink, maybe my car had been crashed during I parked my car when I need to teach tuition in the venue. I think maybe he/she need to go-a-stern her/his car and didn't realise my car was just beside his/her car. What the!!~@!@#~ I am so sad. This is my birthday present?! Haihz.. Good luck George!


ZARA said...

Owh...pity u...
Be patience ya?

Anonymous said...

nvm, man. just have ur days cary on like usual. live it up, man.
u know, now our soiety r getting more n more irresponsible n uneducated even if they drive merz o bmw.
just b urself, pray for their ENLIGHTENMENT. cheers.

Anonymous said...

dont so sad lar~~~it already happend